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Heel Pain

You shouldn't suffer with persistent pain in the heel or arch of your foot. Doctors and patients frequently confuse the diagnoses of heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. Stop walking through the pain. Visit our page on Heel Pain to find out more.

Ingrown Toenails

Many people suffer from pain, redness, or discharge coming from their toenails. Ingrown Toenails are usually caused by trauma, improper shoe gear or from trimming your toenails too short. To learn more visit our Ingrown Toenails page.


Do you have pain or swelling on the side of your big toe?  A Bunion is an enlargement of the big toe joint in which the toe moves towards, or overlaps, the little toes. These symptoms worsen without proper treatment. To learn more, go to our Bunions page.

Garden State Foot & Ankle Center

Garden State Foot & Ankle Center

Welcome to Garden State Foot & Ankle Center where we work with patients to provide the best foot and ankle care in Central NJ. As a licensed podiatrist in NJ, Dr. Scott Shrem works with children, teenagers, adults and seniors to diagnose and treat all of your foot and ankle conditions. We understand that having a foot or ankle problem can be a debilitating experience. At Garden State Foot & Ankle Center, we work with our patients to establish a quick and productive recovery plan to get them healthy and pain free. We take pride in providing you with a modern, relaxed and comfortable office experience.

Dr. Shrem believes that informed patients are better prepared to make quality decisions regarding their foot health and wellbeing. By exploring our website, you'll find valuable information on Diabetic Foot Care, Bunions, Heel Pain, Hammertoes, Wound Care as well as other Foot and Ankle problems.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions to get your feet on the road to fast recovery!

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