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Benefits Of Orthotics

Orthotics / Arch Supports

Orthotics (or arch supports) are inserts that are inserted in a shoe to realign the foot as we run and walk. Since the foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 ligaments and tendons, it needs added support to maintain its proper alignment. The orthotic device helps to take pressure off of certain areas of the foot and allows you to stand, walk and run more comfortably. While over-the-counter inserts may help certain foot types with mild symptoms, they can't correct the wide range of symptoms that a prescription custom made orthotic can correct. Custom molded orthotics are used to treat multiple foot disorders ranging from heel pain, arch pain, tendonitis and metatarsal problems. These devices can also be used to alleviate knee and back pain. 

Dr. Shrem first completes a full biomechanical exam and then custom molds a foot orthosis based on your unique foot structure. The molds are then sent to a laboratory with the individually-tailored prescription. Each specific prescription is designed to keep the foot and ankle at its most functionally efficient position. These devices generally last for about 5-7 years and can be rotated between different shoes.

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