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Basic Foot Care

General Foot Health Tips:

  1. Never ignore foot or ankle pain, it's not normal. If pain persists, contact our office.
  2. Wash and dry your feet daily, including in between your toes where fungus can develop.
  3. Inspect your feet daily. If you can't see the bottom of your feet, place a mirror on the floor and look for cuts and breaks in the skin. Any growth or discoloration on the skin is not considered normal.
  4. Thickened or discolored toenails need medical attention. Carefully inspect them daily.
  5. Make sure your shoes fit properly. Your feet get bigger and flatten as you age, so be sure to get them measured routinely. Buy shoes that accommodate the larger foot. Replace shoes that irritate you or that show a significant wear pattern.
  6. Alternate shoes and change socks daily. Wearing the same foot gear, especially if you perspire, can harbor bacteria that will infect your skin.
  7. Trim your toenails straight across. Cutting deep in the corners can lead to an infection. Make sure not to cut them too short.
  8. Wear the proper type of shoe for the activity you are participating in.
  9. Diabetics and people with vascular insufficiency should be seen by a foot doctor. A foot health check should be done at least once a year to avoid future complications.
  10. Avoid walking barefoot. Your feet can be easily injured without the proper foot gear.
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